• famous gee-tar player; frontman of brass knuckles
  • wasnt “discovered” so much as he worked his ass off and played nonstop for better part of 6 years. eventually a mixtape of his bands stuff made it to a record label, and suddenly theyre in the top 10 of local radio stations, fame coming very quickly
  • doesnt really know how his new-found fame, preferred his shitty apartment where the window faced another building and he had to sleep on a mattress on the floor covered in his pokemon
  • moved to a slightly bigger apartment
  • his pokemon pretty much hang outside their balls most of the time; houses abandoned pokemon he finds on the streets until he can find them a home, normally keeps the dark types
  • doesnt consider himself a role model and hopes he doesnt influence kids


okay short blurbs about my ~*~gijinkas~*~ because i cant seem to seriously write them out

i’ll flesh them out more as i go


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Clockwork Empire GIJINKAS

Mass Effect species swap AU notes: Shepard

Shepard’s species would depend on what class is picked

Adept - Asari

Soldier - Krogan, Drell

Engineer - Quarian, Salarian

Vanguard - Krogan

Infiltrator - Turian, Drell

Sentinel - Not sure, will come back to this one

Janine Personality
  • She has to be #1, all day everyday
  • Hates being second fiddle to anyone
  • Stubborn and headstrong
  • Her temper flares easily, she tries to hide it under a surface of calm, but it always breaks free when pushed
  • Constantly wants her father to approve of everything she does
  • She’s not 100% serious all the time, she likes joking around and having a good time
  • Has a bit of a wild streak in her, and willing to do dangerous things

Basic Janine headcanon
  • 20 years old
  • Only child
  • Mother died when she was very young
  • Raised by her father to master the art of the ninja and poison pokemon
  • Believes her father wanted a son more than a daughter so she tries her hardest to please him in everything she does
  • Idolizes Koga, and wants to surpass him in greatness
  • When not training her pokemon, she trains in the art of the ninja, sparring with her fellow gym trainers
  • Travels to Celadon once a week to have an argument with Falkner about who has a better dad


potential glacia team

Glacia E4 relations!!!!

Sidney - Thinks Sidney is headstrong, hilarious, and sometimes a little stupid. She thinks he’s an excellent trainer, and enjoys battling against him for training. He reminds her of the sister close to her age.

Phoebe - Finds Phoebe to be a charming young woman. Doesn’t like it when Phoebe forces her out to a club, but secretly enjoys it, though will never cop to it. Considers Phoebe a close friend.

Glacia acts rather sisterly to both Sidney and Phoebe, seeing them as younger siblings. It makes her feel less homesick.

Drake - Drake is sort of a father like figure. He made her feel at home when she first came to the E4. She enjoys eating brunch with him, and have a good laugh over things.

Wallace - She likes Wallace, but he sometime exasperates her with his constant desire to overhaul her wardrobe, which she fights because she sees nothing wrong with her clothes they are just fine!!!

Steven - Glacia enjoys spending time with him. They have tea and discuss things going on in the region and keeping an eye on the local criminal organizations. She doesn’t mind helping him with tedious league duties.

Glacia personality


  • Always, ALWAYS cool, calm, and collected.
  • Battle exhilarates her, but she does not get fired up, keeping her face set and her head level.
  • Her temper is nonexistent, it’s a very rare sight to see her angry
  • Her patience is endless, her buttons are hard to push. But they are pushable, and when angry, her wrath is terrible.
  • Not that she explodes, but she becomes as cold as her faithful pokemon, and has no mercy.
  • Loves her solitude, when not performing her Elite Four duties, she is in Shoal Cave training.
  • Doesn’t go out and “have fun”, prefers to stay at home unless forced by Sidney or Phoebe.
  • Likes to read, and is seen with a book in hand during her free time 

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Basic Glacia headcanon
  • 28 years old
  • Oldest out of 4 daughters
  • All specialized in ice types except for the second oldest
  • Grew up in a remote mountain town far away from Hoenn
  • Mother was gym leader of said town, had high expectations for Glacia
  • At the age of 15, she traveled her region, collecting all of the badges
  • She was poised to take over the gym after her mother’s untimely death, but left it to her younger sister, who specializes in fire types
  • Glacia traveled the world, going from region to region before ending up in Hoenn
  • She took the gym challenge, and eventually made it to the E4, battling her way to the champion
  • Losing, she did not let that get her down, training harder than ever before in Shoal Cave
  • She was eventually accepted into the Elite Four